Lewiston Flood Information

The Lewiston Flood Information Viewer provides the general public and other interested parties local government flood information. This application that can be utilized by local governments and citizens on a desktop PC, mobile phone, and tablet device.

To locate a flood information, simply click on the map or enter an address or parcel number in the search box and select a parcel from the list.

Using the Application

This application offers a map-based view of flood and parcel information that enables supporting agencies, organizations and the general public to locate an area of interest and review flood information from FEMA. It offers a standard overview of property data and flood information so they can view this information as they walk or drive through neighborhoods.

Users are able to search for a specific address or parcel number, view authoritative property characteristics as well as download flood information.

Finding an Area of Interest

There are three primary ways to identify an area of interest. You can interact directly with the map and click on a location. You can also use your current location or finally search for a parcel using a full or partial address or Parcel ID.

Map Based Navigation

There are several ways to interact with the map:

1. Use the base map switcher to select the base map you'd like to interact with
2. Hold down the shift key and drag a box on the map to zoom in
3. Hold Down Ctrl+Shift to zoom out
4. Roll your mouse roller to zoom in/out
5. Drag the zoom slider to zoom in/out


The search box can be used to find a parcel:

1. Enter a complete or partial address or Parcel ID.
2. Click on the item in the results list to locate the parcel on the map, then click anywhere near or on the parcel again and flood information will appear.

More Information

The Lewiston Flood Infomation Viewer application can used by assessors, treasurers or other local government organizations responsible for land records information to deliver a web-based public access application. This application provides 24x7 access to the organization and typically supplements customer service phone numbers staffed by these organizations.

The City of Lewiston GIS maintains all data within this application. Please contact Lewiston GIS with questions about the data within this application.

Application created by CGIS Solutions. Please visit CGIS Solutions for additional information about this application

Browser Compatibility

The Flood Information Viewer application is supported on the following browsers: Microsoft IE 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, iOS Safari 4.0+, and Android Chrome 2.3+.