Kennebunk Parcel Viewer

The Kennebunk Parcel Viewer provides local governmental and quasi-governmental information to residents, business owners, professionals, and the general public. It is a single application that can be deployed by local governments and used by citizens on a desktop PC, mobile phone, and tablet device.

To locate a parcel, simply click on the map or enter an address or parcel number in the search box and select a parcel from the list.

Using the Application

This application offers a map-based view of tax parcel information that enables supporting agencies, organizations and the general public to locate an area of interest and review common information stored typically in the local government’s computer aided mass appraisal (CAMA) and tax receivables database. It offers a standard overview of property data in a community for real estate professionals and other consumers so they can view this information on all homes as they walk or drive through neighborhoods.

Users are able to search for a specific address or parcel number, view authoritative property characteristics, and email this information to a friend or co-worker. They can also provide feedback to local governments so the quality of parcel boundaries and associated characteristics improve over time.

Finding an Area of Interest

There are three primary ways to identify an area of interest. You can interact directly with the map and click on a parcel when you've located it. You can also use your current location or finally search for a parcel using a full or partial address, or Map-Lot number


The search box can be used to find a parcel:

1. Enter a complete or partial address or Map-Lot
2. Click on the item in the results list to locate the parcel on the map

More Information

The Kennebunk Parcel Viewer application can used by assessors, treasurers or other local government organizations responsible for land records information to deliver a web-based tax parcel public access application. This application provides 24x7 access to the organization and typically supplements customer service phone numbers staffed by these organizations.
Please contact Kennebunk GIS with questions about the data within this application.

Application created by Corson GIS Solutions. Please visit Corson GIS Solutions for additional information about this application

Browser Compatibility

The Tax Parcel Viewer application is supported on the following browsers: Microsoft IE 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, iOS Safari 4.0+, and Android Chrome 2.3+.